Only Once I finally found the perfect job with a good amount of responsibilities within a famous French company do I have to put up with my frosty colleagues I just cannot be myself when I'm at work. Silence in the office often turns heavy, and puts you ill at ease. I guess it actually is just me stressing myself more than I should. But It's never put me at ease to be facing my manager when I'm working. I always feel like I'm being spyed by my boss and hardly dare looking up. It really is a shame how this atmosphere badly works on me. The last straw probably is that I was well aware that is was a stressing position and I had been asked my ability to resist to stress, at that time I didn't know they actually mean stress by your own colleagues I thought I would have enough to deal with in my own work. I'm already planning to leave the company but still wonder if I'll ever be able to find the perfect job that combines good responsibilities at work and good atmosphere. I at least learnt that an exclusively girly office is nothing funny.