Cactus miscellaneous

Here are some miscellaneous pics of succulent plants snapped in Michel Steggmans' glasshouse (in Libercourt, France)

Some more cactus

Hello everyone,

He are some more cactus, not bought on the flower market but on the weekly market of Wazemmes : I can't get enough of these spiky stuffs !

My new garden of cactus

How lucky am I !
A friend of mine owns a lovely house with a large garden. Unfortunately, he hates gardening and has no passion in mowing the minor parcel of lawn. So I was more than enthusiastic when he offered me to have a parcel of his garden to grow any kind of cactus I would feel like ! Although the spinier the better to repulse cats from peeing in his garden. Of course it wasn't easy to clean the overgrown and get rid of weeds. However I finally managed to do so :

Flower Market in Lille

Since I've been living in Lille (For three years now) I am always looking forward to two main events organised in the city ! The first one takes place the last week end of April, and is the flower market, and the second one, which is much more famous is the huge flea market well-known in Flanders and other places of Europe ("Braderie" in French), which takes place the first week-end of September. So as you've probably guessed, the first one recently ended, and as usual some more cactus have found a new home on my balcony.

Here is an overview of my spiny ones !

Aloe arborescens ?

Encore une nouvelle plante que j'ai découverte en Argentine et que j'ai par hasard trouvée au marché aux fleurs de Cité (Paris). Sur les photos ci-dessous, des photos de ce qui s'apparente à des Aloe arborescens (n'hésitez pas à me corriger si je me trompe) dans leur milieu naturel dans la Valle Cachaquies au Nord de l'Argentine.

Flowering cactus

Although we're not having the best Summer ever, It's been hot and sunny enough to make many of my cactus flower and grow during the season. What strikes me most about cactus flowers is their colours and sizes compared to the cactus sizes (especially for the upper right picture)

De nouvelles épines sur le balcon

Epines, le terme n'est pas très bien choisi pour vous introduire mes nouveaux cactus et succulentes. Certains que je me suis offert moi même lors du marché aux fleurs de la Grand' Place de Lille le weekend passé et les plus gros me furent offerts par mon amie Aurélie. Bien sur elle a su détourner mon attention puisque elle-même possède plusieurs espèces de cactées j'ai cru qu'elle les prenait pour sa propre collection et m'apprêtais à en faire autant quand elle m'a tendu son sac en me disant que c'était pour moi ... elle me connaît trop bien n'Aurélie !!!